The Doll Hospital
  • The Doll HospitalYou can find us at 25 Claremont Ave, Malvern VIC.
  • We repair dolls...of all shapes and sizes!
  • Just Love...the Monkey and his friends.
  • We Repair...Dolls.... and lots of Teddies!
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Welcome to our Online Home...

The Doll Hospital has a long history of restoring Dolls and Teddies. We specialize in restoring your doll authentically. All types of dolls including porcelain wax, composition, celluloid, hard plastic, vinyl and cloth. We also restore rare antique toys.

Dolls enjoy total pampering including a facial, new eyes, eyelashes, teeth, new or restyled hair, mammas, restringing, replacement body parts and new outfit with shoes and socks. We also reconstruct dolls that may seem beyond repair. Teddies are restored authentically including glass eyes, restuffing and growlers.

What our clients say...

Norma said, "Seeing my doll restored brought back memories of Father Christmas bringing my doll in 1935"

Stacey said, "I hope my grand daughter loves my doll as much as I did when I was 2 years old in 1946"