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Paw Paw ointment

Hello, my beautiful people welcome back to my channel, I’m lolly and today I’m here with another year and I’m gonna be showing you 20 uses Philebus purple. Now, if you’re new to my channel, make sure to subscribe, and if you liked this video of course give it a big thumbs up.

So let’s get straight into this video. My auntie actually got me into this and she’s like no. You & # 39. Ve got to have this in your purse all the time, and ever since that I, when I was like six and ever since then I’ve, always had it like my school bag and a pencil case.

Everything just always had. This is the best thing washing machine repairs has some most uses, and I’m gonna show you them today. Obviously the number one thing is dry leaves on my eyelashes. So at night after you’re finished your night routine.

Then I going with – and just put this on my eyelashes right, the roots and his object also just promotes growth in your eyelashes. If you’re, looking for a more full and natural way to grow eyelashes, then this is the way crack skin.

No, no now the next one I was like what but yes so what you do is you kind of just put a bit of pop underneath where your earring goes, if you having trouble to get through and then just slide through the next one, now you’re actually putting it on my eyebrows, it helps to like hold them.

So I’m use like a brow. sour sop Gel was makeup. Remover! Sorry, you just go ahead and put a bit of this on your cutting pad and then just go ahead and wipe it all off and it sort of just comes off cuticle cream, putting it on your nails.

This also promotes um like healthy. Now we’re in healing, so obviously, if you have like a scars mean you felt like so do something obviously just go ahead and like put a bit of this over the half you there’s, some one of my favorite ones, Because I find that actually it works so putting a bit of this on the back of your wrist, I’m, just putting it up and just spraying it on it.

It helps it last longer. So you’re gonna, like the mole and you like trying on rings and stuff, and then you like all that the ring is something I feel like honor. When that happens to me, I like free caps.

I’m, like oh. My god now what happens if I have to buy this because, like stop and well, then usually put a bit poorer around the ring and then it just becomes really really easy to squeeze. Oh, you know when you buy like a cheap, cheap, cheap eyeshadow stemcell palette.

You’re, like oh, my god. These colors are so good, but then they don’t, look good. What you do is you put a bit of pork oil underneath before you put any on I makeup on, and then it just like helps it set and reduce, is insect bites, obviously mosquitoes or a big thing here in Australia, and especially when it’S coming into summer, the skater set out we are out signs are out.

Legs are out skins out, so this just helps to take out the sting and also help reduces your chance of wanting to go scratching it. Um, hair styling is another one that I thought was really really convenient, um cause, if you always have this product in you, which is what I’m.

Trying you to do. Is you just put a bit on your hands, is like rubbing it in and then just putting in your hair and it helps reduce it. Look. Freezing one is a face. Mask um I’ve heard people say that you can use this as a face.

Mask um, just put it over your face mangosteen, leave it on for 10 20 minutes and then just wipe it on off, and it leaves your face feeling really smooth. Okay. Another one that probably all of you can relate to is your hair, like at some stage in your life, you’ve, had it ingrid and you like, oh my god, this is so painful.

So what this helps to do is really and cleanse. So if you have an ingrown hair, just put a bit of this onto your skin, where your ingrown hair is and then put a band-aid over the top and helps you hold in the moisture then in the morning, so put that on night.

Right before you go to bed, then just pull the minute off and then the skin should be really really soft, so I should make it so much easier to get the ingrown hair. I’m just all over moisturizer. You can use them your legs.

Arms knees face where you want um lips, obviously moisturize your lips moisturize lips, I just like splinters now. I you see it smudges a lot cuz I don’t know you supposed to be always outside it’s, not only me anymore, but if you get splinters or like pretty little something put a bit of this on foot bend over The top leave it for a while, and then you get down people that ways gets chafed.

Then you can put a bit of this on there and it just helps to like make it not as like stinging like. Oh, my gonna have to walk so funny, but yeah and there’s. My 20 green papaya uses for Lukas, proper appointment and if I haven & # 39, t convinced you that you should have this in every single bag rough weather, then maybe she watch a video again and see if you’re convinced.

But if you like, this video make sure to give me thumbs up, and I’ll see you all in my next video bye, guys, [ Music, ]

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