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5 Myths About Stem Cell Therapies


One out of ten new patients that we see here at carrying medical regenerative medicine clinics have already received a type of stem cell treatment by another clinic and the reason why these treatments don’t work is kind of related to the five myths that People believe, for instance, there’s, an ax myth that if they get one shot inside the knee or inside one of the facet joints in the spine that somehow all of their pain is going to magically disappear.

The truth of it is, is that it’s, actually, instability that caused the cartilage cells to break down that caused the joint to break down. So what is needed is not a simple one shot of stem cell injection.

What’s needed? Is a comprehensive treatment that treats all the stabilizing ligamentous structures of the joint, the second most common myth? That people believe is that they’re only going to need one magical, stem cell injection and all their pain is going to go away when, in reality, ligament tissue and other tissues of the body heal over time, meaning that you induce the ligaments in The joint to regenerate and that regenerative process occurs over a four to six week period, and then you get another treatment.

So what’s really needed is a series of treatments and that’s. How you can permanently get the ligament chiropractor strong and then that rig that stops the destructive joint forces that actually led to the cartilage to actually get degenerated.

The third reason why a one shot stem-cell treatment is not going to work is what I term inappropriate forces like people get very expensive stem-cell treatments $ 8,000, ten thousand dollars, four thousand dollars, they get one or two shots, and then the person is left to.

Basically do whatever activities they want. Well, if the cartilage is destroyed, something destroying it well, what destroyed it was the inappropriate forces on it. What causing inappropriate forces was the shearing forces or rotational forces or what we call destructive joint forces from ligament laxity.

So, even when a person is treated with comprehensive Prolotherapy and we may use stem cells as the proliferative to adjust or make sure that the appropriate forces are on the joint, otherwise, the ligament, the cartilage isn’t going to regenerate because of too much Forces on the joint, obviously, the cartilages are going to regenerate the fourth reason that a single stem cell treatment, doesn’t cure people or help long term.

Is that often what’s injected in? There is not live cells and the growth factors. Aren’t even live, you know when somebody gets PRP or dextrose Prolotherapy health information or bone marrow or lipo aspirin injected into the ligaments.

The tendons, the joint those are live. Its life growth factors from the person’s own body. When you take placenta amniotic, those may have had growth factors or cells when I was first taken out, but once it gets processed and and dried and all the various things that occur with it.

There isn’t any thing that’s, live in it anymore. The last reason why people don’t heal with one shot stem cell injections. Is that often, when you have instability of a joint and it’s gone on for a long period of time, the surrounding joints are also unstable, so in other words, if this person, if a person had hip instability and the femur, was move too Much you would actually have to treat the femur or the the hip joint, along with the knee joint to actually stop or resolve the knee instability.

So these are some common reasons that we see and when somebody has an injury of the joint they. The best approach is going to be comprehensive, Prolotherapy of that joint and if other joints are involved, then appropriately treating that choice, you

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