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A Day in the Life of an Apprentice Plumber


[ Music ], I’ve, got the best office in the world because I & # 39. Ve got a permanent corner office with a constantly changing view, and you can’t ask for much more than that, especially when you’re driving out the places like P ha or fama per hour, or even out to my right eye.

We go everywhere in anywhere and we see it all: [ Music ]. It’s all on hand, and we go out to the jobs and we learn on the job. You’re. Doing all of your day-to-day work. With another plumber. Learning off them and being instructed by them.

This thing for us is the team aspect of it. I got to work to see my mates. Basically, it’s that good we try and bump into each other on the job we do work independently as well, but when we do bump into each other, it’s, a lot of fun and you do work well.

As a team, Fridays are usually taken up with a few beers after work or a barbecue, and we catch up on weekends. Every now and again, so I was very lucky to be nominated for an award and the James Douglas medallion washing machine repairs.

I got the award for my plumbing skills. Basically, there were three categories: there was a drain layer, a plumber and a gas filler, and I got the plumbing award along with the two other guys that had the drain line and the gas filling.

I do want to have a role to teach the apprentices or move further into the industry that I’ve had a glimpse at the industry at the master plumbers meeting, and that annual meeting really opened my eyes to the amount of people that are Involved with this great industry and the enthusiasm that a lot of people have – and I’d love to be involved further with that, would those people to grow the industry and improve it? [, Music, ]

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