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Dr Ian – Chiropractic CHANGES LIFE for teenager with acute PAIN & DEAD LEG


[, Music, ], [, Music ]. It’s Bobby Kim two days three days he one time, but he would sleep for two or three days: [, Music, ], [, Music, ] these little circles here a totally different size and shape which suggests that this joint up here, the sacroiliac joint, Is not functioning properly, these measurements are also quite a long way out would suggest that sacrum has got some rotation just shut your eyes and tell me when you can feel this.

You felt that you, didn’t feel any of these ones. So you’re, really feeling anything down this leg at all. Hold it strong how much they have you [ Applause, ]! Oh, you could handle this correction. Or would you like me to continue yeah? If you’ve changed your mind.

We can stop it’s. Gon na make a very, very small correction. To start with, you might hear some noise or feel a little bit of movement down here, but don’t worry okay slowly! That may hold this spirits.

What are you gonna? Do I feel this good. I actually think, even if you are a little bit hunched over, you’re, going to be able to walk a bit easier as you take weight on this, it’ll, be pretty difficult because you haven’t done it For a while just take a few steps first, because you need to push some fluid out of the joint, better, fantastic step yourself up and see.

If you can get your that’s, a-ok don’t force it to those ligaments and tendons of being in the wrong spot. Put your hand up for a long time. So go down your leg when you do that: yeah yeah, okay, Maronna! That’s good, even though that’s dog grooming painful.

Have you been able to stand that much in the last few months? It’s the first time. Well, that’s great stronger already that’s, a great sign. It’s to shut your eyes again and tell me if you feel this, I feel how much you felt that then yeah well before you felt nothing yeah and that’s only ten minutes.

Yes, so that’s. That’s. Amazing! Really! You know this gives me the confidence that we can continue safely and lift this little up targets. You can actually resist my side. Look at that. I’m trying to get fixed before my graduation.

How long have we got my dad to attend to June 17? He put it on me. I will do my best. I think he hadn’t. I control over that before yeah it’s. Fantastic! You sleep! Well, you’ve watching. I still think there’s, a lot of upper cervical nerve pressure.

You can see it is needle. It just jumps right at that point. You can see even in this position that this side of his occiput clock repair is very high compared to that one, and if we go back to this film, you can see how that he’s open on that side and more closed on that side.

When I get it in the right place to be so much better for you, that was perfect, it’ll, be like a tidal wave coming off, just feeling it very hot already. Do you feel it? One feels bad? It’s, a bit overwhelming isn’t it to have a big adjustment like that.

But when I say big, we’re, not moving it a long way as such, but just having that much pressure taken off the nervous system ahead was here yesterday: yeah, no, it’s. Awesome! Look at you good mate yeah before! If you want to move, you have to help them be better get up with Han.

I know he can’t move. He can’t walk easy. Well now he’s, walking heel-toe heel-toe, which is something he wasn’t doing before and if you know is he taking long strides is actually getting his feet under his body every time you feel it to say now I’m on defense, correct it’s really good and you like push it.

I felt like my spine touchdown. I just like just to lift in that much. Oh, when I was much better. Thank you. Thank you. Get liftoff that’s. How we do this thing that ever happened to you, 1c straighter huh, I’m, actually really excited, say we’re actors.

Here it’s called ice maker, the he’s. Getting guys from here to here. I got to hearing it when he came. He was down here, Kayla, nighttime images I don’t, know in college in emergency yeah claim once he just stay in a bed.

You know pain, medication, Isis. I didn’t wan na like even live anymore, because my bag, I can’t, walk anymore, like the stores, anything Ike. So embarrassing. You laughed and I was like I’m, so happy now.

He just looks like he plays too much Judo  Xbox in that position. Take some steps that’s. What I wanted to feel when you were trying to do that yourself, yeah we could, I found they call it an M on your art.

Oh now, you’ve done it. I sprang into the spicy area that’s. It it’s, pretty good. I don’t, believe it it’s a big moment. Your family’s, been through a lot ever like it’s hard. Is it dad? Did you just think you’ve lost yourself lost your kid hi dad give him a hug.

Braedon eaten yeah. It’s. Funny because when I first talked hated rules neck, his butt was there and his back was here and his egg was over. Here it looked like he was going to be stuck with that forever Robbie.

This is more balsamic, so say hi, that’s. Where you got ta be right, there, hey guys, we come chiropractor. Oh yes, Jim [, Music, ], you [, Music, ], [, Music, ],

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