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Washing machine repairs

First, up on today’s program. We’re, going to be teaching you something very icky, but what lurks deep inside your washing machine? Now here we are in the darkest depths of Kevin’s garage and I’ve brought my washing machine in because this segment is going to make your skin crawl.

Literally, we’ve all got one, no matter where I live in Australia. We’ve, probably all used a washing machine as well. Most of us just chuck out stuff in press Start and then walk away. But what if I told you that this is potential breeding ground? For bacteria? I mean you, throw your kids stuff in there.

If you play sport, you throw your sporting gear in there. If you & # 39, ve got a pet Kevin’s, got a dog called Walter, dog grooming it’s, toesies been in there and presses wash, that is a harboring ground for bacteria and other nasties, which can actually reduce the life of your Machine some washing machines could have a more bacteria than your toilet bowl.

Think about that. That’s, gross isn’t it. Some bacteria are also becoming resistant to various bleaches and no matter what cleaning chemicals you use there’s, always going to be a bit of brine and a bit of slime inside there.

I really wanted to show you what it’s like in the interior workings of a washing machine. So I’ve got myself an expert here today, good to see Paul, hey Don good thanks, welded nice to me. He’s, a man who can rip apart this machine and we’re gonna have a look.

What’s deep inside? They’re, so poor. You know this is my machine. I’ve. Only had it probably four years so I don’t have a family, but I & # 39. Ve got a dog and everything it looks really clean to me.

Do you ask what’s on the inside? You’ll, be astounded when we take this apart, because I’m, expecting that this will be like every machine that we see you wash in cold water all the time just to be a few energy-efficient, really absolutely, and that’s, what people do you know it’s, but it’s going to be ugly.

Well, let’s. Let’s, get it let’s, get it apart. I mean you can show you how to rip apart if you like that’s sure. So we just going over one. I’m, going to publish on first and the lift this back. Oh yeah and as you can see, when you look down here, it looks beautifully clean.

It does then side of the barrel actually does look clean, so i wouldnt think is there any computer bacteria or any problem with scum buildup that absolutely? But if i just take the center piece out of here – and i pull this out – have a look at that – oh wow, that’s a whole different ball game, isn’t it let’s, pull a barrel out my! Let’s, have a look inside sure.

Okay, so just for this pull this screw down inside she even around here like it just it accumulates everywhere yeah. So there’s hairs. I’m, not sort that it has. They are they don’t. Look great. Just don’t touch the outside of this ball, please.

So actually, this is what it should look like down here. Absolutely this. Is it’s damp as well yeah it’s actually, and this, of course the water would go on the outside a few as well and go inside. Absolutely yes, and what happens is that unless you give it a clean regularly, you’re, going to get a little gray diet marks on your clothing and that’s, this stuff breaking away and feeding back into your life support.

We really probably need to give this mission a good clean. You know and advise it in us at home, reducing this amount of grime and slime everything caster along the life and machine doesn’t. Absolutely it’s like cleaning anything.

You know you keep it clean. You’re, going to extend its life yeah there’s, lots of different ways of doing this. A lot of different products on the market. We’ve tracked down a product in particular, which is pretty good like, so there are lots out there this one, we’ve tested and we actually are getting really good results from.

So we’ve, given it a healthy home to to give approval it’s actually from an Australian company, it’s called Robert in its washing machine magic. They’ve, got that I was by logon there. It’s biodegradable, so it’s, sofas, septics plumbing/plumbers and things like that, but it literally is made as simple as pouring a tub of this into your machine and then pressing start on a full sidewall.

It goes through a cycle spits it all out and actually can help reduce significantly the amount of grime, slime and bacteria in each machine. If you use it regularly, so there’s. A couple of different options you can use.

We’ve found that the industrial-strength product is the good one to use if you’re doing this for the first time. So if you’re going to show you that, like three years, you get rid of build-up with three wheels: wouldn’t you really absolutely yes, particularly if you wash in cold water.

So this washing machine magic product, actually flushes out the built-up detergent and scum and all those calcium deposits were talked about before it’s, got like a four in one washing machine maintenance product it actually cleans.

Sanitizers and jawed Rises your machine and kills the bacteria as well breaks down all of that buildup behind your bowl, which we’ve, seen when Porter here today and kind of help you scale your heating element is to you pour it in your press.

Start you walk away and it’s clean this one is, then, something you can use for regular one to three month intervals, and you do the same thing. You just empty your washing machine. You pour it in there.

You put it on a full cycle and then let it rinse out go grab yourself. Some of this give yourself a run-through of a cycle, and hopefully this can prolong the life of your machine or think so everything could I appreciate it.

It’s. An absolute pleasure any pillows, no with if you like, well, that’s, great gloria, happy to love you, you

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