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I think we’re on oh nice and easy [ Music ] right, so we’re way off shore and it’s been a bug getting out here and i’m, not pissing myself, but there’s, whales out here i don’t know. If you & # 39, ll, be able to see there’s been birds down the water.

I don’t want to catch a while. Oh, i’ll. Tell you what guys that were the like! That was wales for me, for the highlight, because look it’s now, right now it’s waving everybody saying goodbye. Everybody thanks for coming all right.

So i’m going to head back in because i’m not going to stay out here. I’m just getting way too um nervous something i got out here. I wanted a testified out. It’s. Great, i wanted to troll a few lures for tuna.

I might do it. I just need to sit down, stop working this bike, and this will you know it’s. Okay, we’re. Getting back there’s. Gon na be a nightmare a little bit all right. Well, i feel well, i feel a lot better now the adrenaline before was getting to me.

My legs were starting to break so i sat down and just bruised a bit, so i’ll. Do it right and those whales too, was this pretty exciting stuff? I just hope the footage came through and uh. So now i’m just trolling at about six knots.

We & # 39, ve got garden island all the way over that way, and we’re on some lock on the first contour about 30 meters, and i hope we get some help from other people. Oh american is a future in a rowdy, so i & # 39.

Ve got one one deep one going to six meters, which is that one and this one here is on the two meter. One – and the advice i gave was i was given – was don’t follow the birds. You know there’s, a few birds around here.

There’s one over there, so everyone over there just just troll, washing machine repairs because they could be down deep and the the goals probably can’t see what’s happening there’s. A few votes out here too. So that’s, that’s, a good sign, i feel a bit more safer yeah.

So this is the uh, the shallow one, the two meter, one white powco and just cast it out. Let it sit there by about 20 meters for away from the boat. I was just checking as if there’s. Any weed i’m, really surprised there’s.

No weed out here, which is great. I’ll, let more on it as we go. So i just want to check there’s, no weed and stuff on them and i & # 39. Ve got a skirt as well, so we can now do all right, but i don’t have more than two rods, so this is the uh.

This is the deep one. It’s, got a bigger bib and it goes down to six meters. Does that does this trick? Oh, i’ll turn the boat around and we’ll go back that way. I think now, with the skirt i bought. This many years ago, never i might only use it once or twice, and i might not put this on the other rod.

As i said, i don’t have too many out there. Actually, i might put this on the on the light. One change it up a bit: hey what it’s; uh it’s. A fishless fishing trip this one, but i i actually don’t mind it.

I saw wiles try to revive that um that big uh, so pretty action-packed trolling around um, i’ve got another squid head out here. I will keep trolling because i just got a text from a mate peter just another hips around, but you know it’s one and a half meter swells.

It is dying down a bit now, but you know i’m, pretty tired, but i’ll still punch through that’s. Why? I’ll. Have this one to resize the batteries? Oh yeah, there’s, something about nice, cold beer and the cm it’s all like oh, no, not sweet and sour, but just um sweet.

I should worry about the wind, and usually i’m, not worried about swell, but now i realize what people say, not the swell, because on the way here i was punching through it, and i was myself i’m thinking bloody.

I’m, going to go back in this stuff and when you go back to swell it’s, sort of like you know, you saw surfing with it, so you & # 39. Ve got the boat here and the waves come that way and you get a lot of instability plumbing/plumbers that way.

If you’re going into it, it’s, a lot safer and easier, but on going back it is a lot more risky because it doesn’t take long. You can get on the wrong side of the crest. The wave you try and correct it, you know uh, you can get top heavy and you can cap size.

God forbid. I think we’re on. I think we’re on. I’m, not gonna make the same mistake as last time and put my hand on the drag, but i think i’m on let’s, see if i can put that there yeah this fish yeah and he Went for this one here, which is the uh the two meter one i’m just going to take my time on this.

One could be what i’ve, been looking for [ Music ], oh oh, this is there. He is it’s, just in color, oh beautiful. This is what we wanted. Definitely a choice: oh awesome, my next thing, other side, [, Music, ], actually whoa.

Yes, you feel with him there. He is. Oh, he’s, a sandboy. Oh, i know nice, tuna, whoa, yeah, yeah boy love it. That is the speed demon. Oh man, i love it. Let’s, get him on board. Oh, and he had followers with him too.

I couldn’t. Believe it i’m, just adrenaline man. This is good. I’m, just gonna save at the moment. Whoa! Oh, i suppose my other one didn’t go off that’s. What i’m talking about lovely tuna, i’m gonna bleed him straight away, and i was actually cranking the speed when it’s about nine knots and the lines went ballistic there’s.

Hoops from out there, peter thanks man, you’re, the man, let’s, go for another round! Now, as i was running that guy in i saw a fair few following it. So oh whoa, whoa whoa, whoa whoa this guy’s, going see that the uh i saw the birds [ Music ], and i knew something was going to happen.

This one is just going off demon again. He’s, going for the shallow one and can see there’s, a big smaller it being on the sounder. I hope i haven’t crossed the line it’s. Basking about having to play.

I reckon i’ve crossed the line maybe, and he just he just took off that’s good. I’m just starting to get used to the uh line and the rod wheel. Yeah. You can see them busting up here: [, Music, ], [, Music ].

I think he’s. Just gone [ Music ], oh [, Music, ] man, i think now. Actually i don’t want to start this. There’s. Left around the other line, wrapped around the other line, so that’s, a mess yeah boy, so that that’s.

What we’re talking about tune, the madness wrapped up the other line this game over. For me, i think damn, oh, that is a big mess grade and braid, but not a good sign. Okay safety! First. What am i going to do? We & # 39.

Ve actually got a soft plastic clock repair. It’s, really a bad idea, but this water just went ballistic was boiling there. You go it’s, a bloody sport. This tuna, i’ll, blew him straight away. Put him in the cooler – and i reckon that’s – probably it for me, because when both my lines are wrapped up, look at this one here on the mono, i might get another one who knows, love it.

What a bloody day here we go! Lovely tuna right so that was epic. I saw the birds, i was actually heading that way and i saw some activity. The birds and, i said, look you might as well go for it and you can see the water bouncing.

There must be some bait fish get attacked by the tuna and uh yeah. You saw it on camera. I hope i got it so that was exciting stuff. It pays to have a backup, rod and reel that tangle was a bloody mangle.

I had two people. You’d, usually reel up one of them. The one that hasn’t got the other one and let the other bite catch it. So i’m, just going to be trialling for the one and i had to um use this one sorry filtered imitation, because the other one’s, just wrapped up with frayed and flame.

We’ve got timeline tangled, and i reckon as well that shine on that tauco and that tuna man they’re so fast. You know they’re, not big fighters which ones, but they just they just run. I couldn’t, believe it just took off just let him go.

Have your drag sit properly in oh one more and i’m out of here what a day, what a day, okay people. So we’re gonna be out of here. Two tuna try to save the saw, the whales combat of the big swirl, and now there’s, a storm brewing.

It’s, actually quite warm so expected 20 degrees, but it feels like about 25. So it was an awesome day now, whether i’ll cook up this tuna, i’m, not too sure um, because this episode might be a bit longer than usual, never know if i catch another one anyway.

Good luck! We’ll, see you guys: [ Music ], oh [, Music, ], [, Music, ], wow, [, Music ]. You

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