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Preparing Your Dog for the Groomer

Dog grooming

[Music ] carry wine. My name is Jessica. I’m, the owner of poodles and house holistic pet spa here in Tucson Arizona, and this is my four month old standard, Raylan um. Today we’re, going to go over a few things on how to introduce your newly adopted, puppy or newly adopted dog to the grooming process to keep them as safe and stress-free as possible.

We’re, going to go over a little bit about the car ride. Most of the time dogs do arrive at at the salon already stressed out because they are not used to being transported from place to place. So what we recommend here at poodles and pals, is that you take your dog every day for at least two weeks on a short five minute car ride, whether it’s around the block or to a destination, giving them lots of praise and lots Of attention and after the car ride, rewarding them with a treat I use, treats with Raylan because he is more motivated by treats than a verbal command.

So let’s. Go over a little bit about introducing your dog to your actual grooming salon. Most people will make an appointment and drop the dog off the same week. I find that this is not beneficial to the dog go in meet with your groomer see if they offer training sessions to introduce the dog to the grooming process, as well as the salon and the atmosphere of this lawn.

Most salons washing machine repairs are very noisy there’s, lots of dogs running around there barking, the dryers are doing all these things can cause anxiety and a pet, so by introducing your pet to its groomer prior to coming in for your grooming appointment.

This allows your pet to be familiar with its groomer, as well as the environment a lot of times. People will typically visit us two or three times before we even wash dry or give the dog a haircut. So, with this being said, go in talk to your groomer if they do not offer this tutorial.

These are not the groomers for you, which means they do not have the time to take individual attention for your dog. I’m, going to show you how to introduce your dogs and nail clippers at home so the first time they come in for it’s, not just a big plumbers Fiasco.

So what I do with most puppies and actually adult dogs that don’t like having animals clipped, I offer them a treat and reward for their foot, so you can use peanut butter. Make sure you use the all-natural that doesn & # 39.

T have any type of artificial sweeteners in it or you can use these little snack treats for nutria or whatever your dog prefers. If the dog keeps showing interest in your foot, when you pick him up, you can have somebody hold one of these little pouches or a spoon that has peanut butter on it in front of the dog’s face to keep the dog’s attention, while you trim the nails or while you play with the feet, if they give you your foot and don’t, give you any type of slap back, you can go ahead and reward them with a yes and give them their treat.

This will go ahead and help from them pulling when we’re, trying to clip their nails and cause damage to their nail bed. When you cut the quick most of the time to most dogs, don’t flex this way, so it’s better.

If you go ahead and teach your dog that it’s, leg is going to be lifted behind it and again rewarding for good behavior. All right, we’re gonna go over a little bit about the anatomy of a dog’s. Nail much like us.

A dog’s,pawpaw ointment going to have a vein that runs through their nail kind of like our cuticle bed, that, if we cut in two will bleed with Raylan Raylan & # 39. S are pretty short because when you do his nails every two weeks, this is going to keep the nail nail bed cut back and the quick receded.

So I recommend that every two weeks that you have your dog’s, nails, trimmed or buffed. Now do you want to try this at home? You want to flip your dog’s, foot back because dog’s. Legs don’t stretch out this way.

It’s very uncomfortable them, and you’re gonna end up fighting your dog, so pull it back similar to how you would with a horse. And if you look on the back side of your dog’s. Nail most of them will have a little white dot at the end of where their quick is that you’re, going to go ahead and trim it just a little just above where that line is that, I always say less is more.


So if you’re, an unsure of where your dogs click out, take a little bit off at a time and use a file to get the right most puppies, shouldn’t have haircuts, starting at their 12 to 13 week mark. They should be introduced again to the grooming salon and their groomer before they actually get a haircut.

Let your groomer tell you when they think your dog is ready for a groom. They will be completely honest with you. If you listen, we use a electric toothbrush. You can pick any one of these up at CVS or a 99-cent store.

They’re very cheap and they’re effective. They make the same sound that our Clippers wrestling make, which most dogs are uncomfortable with, not only the sound but the buzzing on their bodies, so you’ll, go ahead and turn it on, and I’m gonna grab some treats.

If the dog negatively reacts, this do not stop or turn it off, keep it on and reward them [, Music ]. This sounds and this vibration was being rewarded, especially on noodles and jewels, and anything that music fades or seep chase.

So I want to make sure you take it in the outer corners of the eye. This will not hurt them. It’s, just a toothbrush, some even give them a little toothbrush, while you’re in there and then reward them.

This is gonna get them used to this sound again. It’s. All about exposing your dog to things that they haven’t heard the vibrations and things like that. They’re, going to experience at the grooming salon.

This being the number one cause of why dogs get cut at the grooming salon, because it’s puppies, they’re, not used to having something buzzed around their ears, especially on schnauzer breeds that have their ears cropped where you have to Actually shave their ears.

A lot of groomers will accidentally cut dog’s ears because they’re, trying to look at what you have in their hand, so go ahead and turn it on again and take it on the inside of their ears. So they get used to again in the vibration having their ears house and on their feet, and especially all three should have it done on their cats, because most of the time groomers will turn off their pet so either like he could care less right.

Now I’m gonna go ahead and reward him for his good behavior. You can go ahead and calm them without turning this on, get them to a calm state and then reward their calm state and then leave it on a good note and try again the next day.

I recommend that you do this twice a day with your pet to get them used to the process. [, Music ]. You

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