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MangosteenMangosteen is a tropical fruit native to Thailand, today it is cultivated in seventeen different countries. It grows on an evergreen tree about 30 feet in height and is harvested twice yearly. It takes seven years for the first harvest.

The fruit itself is purple in color and is about the size of a tangerine. It is comprised of from five to eight white fleshy intersegmental pieces. Its scarity and great taste makes it the most expensive fruit in the marketplace wherever it is sold. The thick rind of the fruit, which is deep purple, is called the pericardial chemicals elaborated by the plant to protect itself against excessive radiation from sun damage, infectious threats such as funguses bacteria and viruses, as well as insect attack.

The polyphenols, abundant in the fruit have been investigated by modern medical scientists and have been found to be extremely beneficial for human health. This includes traditional medical paradigms, as well as Thai, Indonesian, Veda and Chinese traditional medicines.

Traditional medicine have used the mangosteen for its medicinal value for centuries, and this means that literally millions of people for hundreds of years have recognized that the fruit is both safe to consume and has significant health benefits. Modern medical scientists have also validated these benefits and numerous studies document the it has several polyphenolic families of compounds such as catechins proanthocyanidins, anthocyanidins, polysaccharides and benzophenone.

These compounds stimulated enormous medical and supplemental interest because they’re only really found in the mangosteen and, they appear to possess a large variety of health benefits. Most natural sources of supplements contain significant amounts of only one or two of these polyphenolic groups, but the mangosteen is unique because it contains six in significant amounts.

Mangosteen can also be found in southwest India. Puerto Rico and Southeast Asia and Australia.

Mangosteen has anti-cancer properties, it helps prevent tuberculosis. It also supports weight loss, reduces inflammation and has signifcant antibacterial antifungal properties.

Mangosteen is called a super fruits because it is really high in antioxidants, and specifically contain antioxidants called polyphenols and xanthine that have enormous health properties. Although it is called mangosteen, it’s not related to the mango in any way.

You can usually find Mangosteen in an Asian market. It used to be banned from entering the US and UK because of fear that might be carrying a fruit fly but that ban was lifted since it is presently irradiated to kill such bugs.

Hey everybody welcome back to the super foods 101 series brought to you by holistic health comm. Today we’re talking about mangosteen, so this is mangosteen 101. What is it well? Mangosteen is often referred to as the queen of fruit and that’s, probably because Queen Victoria had a very strong affinity for this fruit.

So what it is is that actual small little fruit that you see there, which is called the purple mangosteen? So the purple mangosteen comes from a tropical evergreen tree that’s native to Indonesia. Now you see it growing in tropical regions in the typically in the Pacific to South Pacific regions.

Now the purple mangosteen is extremely rich in antioxidants, tannins, plant sterols and probably what it’s, most famous for are xanthe owns okay, and these xanthe owns there’s, probably about 200 of them known to man and mangosteen, contains over 40 Of them, xanthe owns our polyphenolic compounds, which are anti-inflammatory anti-allergy edek and they have all kinds of very, very powerful and unique health benefits to them.

So that’s, probably what the mangosteen is best known for. So some of the benefits that go along with that are that mangosteen nutritionally will support anti aging due to all the antioxidants, enhanced mood, enhanced energy levels that anti-inflammation the antibacterial that we talked about from the xanthe owns, and also it’s, going to Help you aid in digestion as well.

So as you can see extremely extremely beneficial fruit. Now, as you guys can see there, there’s, actually a white inner fruit, and then there is the what they call the rind okay, now the white inner fruit.

Actually contains very little of those the compounds that you actually want, so it’s. Actually, the rhein that contains the vast majority of the inner fruit is very sweet and it tastes great, but the outside of it contains a lot of the polyphenols and antioxidants, as you can tell it’s that dark orange or that dark purple.

Color and that dark purple color is very well known to contain a lot of antioxidants and polyphenols things of that nature in it. So that’s, where you’re, going to get a lot of a lot of the nutrition which leads us to the next piece here, which is the available forms of it.

Okay, you can get it in juice powder and because it comes in powder, you can get it in capsules. Probably the most common form is a juice okay, and there are some multi-level marketing network marketing companies out there who produce mangosteen juices.

But the problem is with a lot of those. Is it’s, not a hundred percent pure mangosteen juice? So if you are going to get a juice make sure you get one like the one on the right, which is a hundred percent pure mangosteen juice, and make sure that they are also blending up the outer Ryne.

Okay, because that it may not be taste as good as the inner fruit. However, that’s, where all the beneficial sterols Antone’s, antioxidants polyphenols that’s, where all that stuff is contained in that actual outer rind.

That purple rind okay same with the powder and with the capsules, make sure you’re, getting the whole mangosteen fruit, not just the inner fruit things to consider. How has it grown guys? Is it grown organically? That alone is going to give you.

You know a massive massive increase in nutritional vibrancy. How’s? It process is a processed at high heat. Hopefully, not hopefully, you know if it’s a powder, it’s, a freeze-dried powder, it’s, not spray, dried or heat, dried.

Anything like that. How is it delivered? You want to make sure that it’s. A hunt like we said it’s, a hundred percent mangosteen fruit. Okay, there’s, nothing else in it. There’s, no fillers or binding agents or sweeteners or other fruit juices, or anything like that, get what you pay for.

Okay, that’s. What brings us to cost? Is it’s not always about the cheapest supplement? Okay, it’s about the best supplement for you. If you buy the best supplement odds are that cost is going to far outweigh buying a cheaper supplement, because you’re, going to get that much more nutrition out of it.

So don’t base the purchase strictly on costs, look for the best supplement out there and you’re, going to be much happier with it in the long run. Okay, so guys that is the purple mangosteen. We hope you learned a lot today for more tips, recipes and access to the world’s, best nutritional information and supplements head on over to holistic health calm and get healthy. 

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