BiC 2 Sensitive Razors for Men and Women, Shaving Blades, Men’s Razor Blades, Disposable Razors, Hair Remover tool, Beard Shaver, Bundle of 2 (5+1 Pack) by Chimax



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For comfortable shave and control, gives you the edge in removing body hair leaving your skin fresh and smooth.
Well made cut throat razor blades and manual Shaving blades for your comfort.
The bundle consists of 12 pieces of sensitive razors giving you significant quantity to maintain your hair
Varied options to help you manage your body hair shaving requirements time after time
6 Pack double blade razor, tested by millions worldwide and found to continually meet the test of time.
They are razor blades men trust that do the job. Men’s razor blades have never been so useful.
Innovative shaving razor blade at its best
Smooth and Comfortable shave that lasts.
Grooming never felt so pleasant with these razor blade, and its frustration free.
Effortlessly glides across contours of your face to give you that clean shave you always wanted.
Comes with skin guard that protects and smooths your skin, minimizing irritation as you shave.
Tested and Reliable
 Blade razor that is so easy to use and gets every single hair.
 Perfect shaver for your body hair however sensitive your skin.
 Lightweight men’s razor blade and gives a close shave each time.
 Disposable razor that gives you a well-groomed look that goes with the right razor.
 Ideal for travelling, compact and convenient to take away.
 Men’s razor that can be gifted to your friends and loved ones.
 Bikini trimmer, ideal as men’s razor gift set, hair razor, beard razor and lots more.
 Useful for a variety of body hair removal tasks.
 Engineered to glide across your skin effortlessly, leaving smooth and fresh results.
Men’s razors,  shaving blades and comfortable razor blades for men.
Shavers for men, ideal razor blades for your daily shave. Perfect mens razor gift set better than wet razor for men.
Razor bic,
✅ {DISPOSABLE RAZORS} – Quality hair trimmer for men and women, your facial hair removal tool that keeps your face free from stinging. The handles are designed to ensure the razor blades soothingly glide across your skin giving you refreshing experience each occasion
✅ {MANUAL SHAVING} – Hair shaver that is also ideal for use as dermaplaning tool, men’s razor blade that is easy use with shaving foam, shaving gel, shaving soap and other shaving solutions. Sturdy razor for men and women. Single-blade shaver that glides across your face with comfort no other blade razor provides
✅ {SHAVING KIT} – Make these shaving blades with robust handle part of your shaving kit. The result you gain from this razor blade is amazing. Face hair remover, head shaver, ideal for a variety of skin type including sensitive skin, oily skin, and normal skin. Men’s razors that leave your skin smooth and looking fresh. Perfect for gift offerings.
✅ {SHARP BLADES} – Perfect sharp stainless steel hair removal razor blade for men and women, cut-throat razor kit, well designed for your comfort. Gents and Ladies razors manufactured with quality and high performance in mind. Gentle on the skin, time saving and hassle free. Order now.


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