bonVIVO French Press – GAZETARO I 1,000ml Cafetiere Coffee Maker Set – Stainless-Steel Cafetieres w/ Heat Resistant Glass, Scoop and Replacement Filter – Silver


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Product Description

bonVIVO – About us

Our wide range of high-quality kitchen and home accessories has an unmistakable sense of style. Sustainability and multi-functional practicality are of utmost importance to us, and this is why we select only the best materials for our products and are committed to smart design. The bonVIVO product range is distinguished by a modern look, clear lines and a sophisticated sense of style. Our products give your home that certain something special and add a touch of class to your everyday life.

Our Gazetaro I – the perfect coffee maker

Brew coffee just as well as any top barista with our Gazetaro I; just add the right ingredients for a delicious cup of coffee. Simple to prepare and tempting in taste.

The Gazetaro I is a French press coffee maker. This brewing method compresses coffee and water to produce a deliciously aromatic coffee that tastes fuller and stronger than conventional brewing methods.

5 easy steps to perfect coffee

Coffee is brewed quickly with the Gazetaro I. Put some ground coffee into the pot, add water and press the plunger down. It’s up to you how much ground coffee to use; the more you add, the more intense the taste experience. We recommend about 1 tablespoon per cup.

Add the desired amount of ground coffee to the pot.Add boiling water (95°C) and stir.Put on the lid and wait about four minutes to extract the coffee into the water.Press down the plunger and wait for one minute.Pour the coffee into a cup and add milk and sugar according to taste.

Simple, elegant design

All our products are characterised by their stylish design. We attach great importance to quality and functionality. A masterpiece of timeless design, the stainless-steel and glass French press in shiny silver, gold or copper finish with a capacity 350ml (3 cups) or 1l (8 cups) is an attractive addition to any coffee service. The cafetiere was designed to combine pleasing aesthetics with high quality functionality resulting in a French press that will bring you joy for a very long time.

Easy to care for

We recommend cleaning the coffee maker shortly after use as the pot may discolour if the coffee grounds remain in the pot for too long. It is possible to wash the pot in a dishwasher. However, washing by hand is gentler and is therefore recommended. We include a coffee scoop and replacement filter with every purchase.

Quality Quaffing: For you to enjoy the finest cuppa joe, you need the finest equipment in which to brew it. Our coffee percolator is crafted from heat-resistant, borosilicate glass, a robust stainless-steel frame, and a sturdy, heat shielding handle.
Sup in Style: This coffee cafetiere is the epitome of elegance – simultaneously a superior coffee percolator, whilst also being an eye-catching centrepiece. Professional grade in every way, this stunningly finished coffee plunger won’t disappoint!
Practically Perfect Percolation: No-one wants a mouthful of grounds in their coffee – with our coffee French press you can allay those fears. The plunger and filter help stop sediment, whilst allowing the gourmet coffee to easily flow into your cup.
Gift: The ideal gift for a caffeine lover, this stylish glass coffee maker comes in two sizes, and an array of attractive metallic finishes. It also comes with a complimentary coffee scoop and replacement filter, so they’ll be all set to get brewing.


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