Dentyl Dual Action Mouthwash with Fresh Clove Flavour – 100 ml | Alcohol-Free Mouthwash



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Dentyl Dual action mouthwash with fresh clove flavour – 100 ml | alcohol-free mouthwash | Dentyl Dual action mouthwash contains an advanced dual phase formula: phase 1 antibacterial mouthwash phase 2 natural Essential oil when the 2 phases are mixed, the electrostatic action removes plaque from gums and teeth, and eliminates oral bacteria. The advanced Dentyl Dual action formula combines a water-based solution to remove bacteria and plaque, with a second phase of natural essential oils to freshen breath. When shaken together, The two phases are fully activated creating a Cationic effect that lifts and removes bacteria and plaque from the teeth and mouth – with visible results you can see in the sink – leaving your whole mouth feeling cleaner and fresher.
removes what brushing leaves behind – see the bits in the sink
shake to activate the unique formula
provides a protective layer to prevent tooth and gum problems
the two-phase formulas are distinctly unique in their ability to provide deep cleansing in your mouth.
; Item display weight: 0.15 kilograms; Item display volume: 100.0 liters


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