Esteem Artisan Vegan Shaving Soap 125g (Lively)



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A luxurious shaving soap which prepares your skin for a smooth, close shave leaving it feeling invigorated. It consists of 6 premium oils, which are designed to create maximum lather and glide. We achieve this perfect balance of protection and boosting your skin, through ‘superfatting’ our oils during the soap making process.

✔ Create maximum lather generation and glide
✔ Boost skin during shaving by superfatting the soap
✔ Provide an amazing fragrance from quality sources
✔ Ensure suitability for sensitive skin and ease of use.

‘Lively’ is a rich bay rum fragrance, paired with supporting notes of fig and clove, sweetened by bayberry, resting on a woody backdrop.Fragrance strength : subtle
The fragrance oils are made specifically for our type of products, with tiny percentages to reduce sensitivity.

◈ Coconut Oil – Generally well known for it’s cosmetic uses, can provide moisture and anti-inflammatory properties.
◈ Stearic Acid – Creates a stable soap puck which gives a slow-drying effect to the shaving soap.
◈ Castor Oil – Liquid form oil which gives rich smoothness to the lather, helps moisturise the face and add to complexion.
◈ Mango Seed Butter – Delicate and non-greasy yet rich and highly moisturizing. It is packed with essential acids that promote healthy cells, which help to restore your skin’s strength and reduce water loss for better skin hydration.
◈ Shea Butter – High concentrations of fatty acids and vitamins A and E provides anti-inflammatory and healing properties. It helps to condition and soothe the face post shave.
◈ Babassu Oil – Advantageous for its soothing, protective and moisturizing qualities. The acids in babassu oil help it to create a cooling sensation.
◈ Dual Lye – This turns our oil to soap through a process called saponification. We purposely reduce the amount of lye required, to leave some oils in their natural state.
Performance first approach – Superior lather and glide, amazing post-shave feel, long-lasting, self-preserving
Fragrance levels are balanced – Reducing sensitivity, while still maintaining noticeable scent
Refined Production – Small-batch, hot-process soap method, dual-lye, super fatted base oils
Transitioning to White product packaging and smooth finish pucks inside bowl. You may receive a black tub while the remaining few are distributed!


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