GROSEEDS – Vegetable Seeds, Pumpkin – Big Max, V-PUM-02, 14 Seeds Minimum Per Packet.


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INDOOR SOWING – Sow 1 seed on its edge per 5 – 7 cm pot. Ensure adequate heat is available for fast germination. Once germination starts reduce the heat and move the seedlings to a well lit location, a warm windowsill or warm greenhouse is ideal.
2 – 3 weeks after germination plant out (depending on speed of growth). The plants will need hardening off over 7 – 10 days before planting out to reduce shock. Discard any weak or unhealthy looking plants.
Plant out at the distance suggested on the seed packet. If the soil is poor with very little organic matter it will be beneficial at this stage to dig a trench about 30 cm wide and 30 cm deep for each individual plant to be planted in. Fill the holes with a 50 / 50 mix of rotted manure or compost and soil. Plant out carefully as the stems of the plants are very fragile and easy to snap or damage. Firm the soil around each plant and water well. Cover with horticultural fleece.
FURTHER GROWING INSTRUCTIONS – Sowing instructions on the packet. Full sowing, growing and harvesting instructions on our website
OUR PROMISE TO YOU – All seeds despatched and sold by GROSEEDS come with a 1 year money back guarantee.
** WARNING – Sometimes product listing pages on Amazon get hijacked by sellers who claim to be selling the authentic brand. As we are the manufacturer and the sole seller of the Groseeds brand this product should only be despatched and sold by Groseeds. To ensure you are purchasing an authentic product as described in this listing please ensure when you add this product to your basket that it is ‘Despatched and Sold By – Groseeds’. Regrettably we are unable to honour our 1 year guarantee if the product was not despatched and sold by Groseeds.**
Care should be taken when handling seeds. Some may be harmful if eaten or may cause irritation to skin.
SUITABLE FOR – Vegetable plot, raised beds, RHS perfect for bees and other pollinators
SPECIFICATIONS – Position : Full sun, Height : 60cm, Spread : 200cm, Harvest : October – early November
Genuine Groseeds seed packets can only be despatched and sold by Groseeds. Supplied in foil lined, re-sealable kraft finished branded packets. APHA registered. UK based company.
GIVING BACK – ‘Seeds for You – Water for Another.’ Each seed packet provides 7 days of clean, safe drinking water to 1 person in Malawi, Africa.


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