Hair Growth Helmet, La-ser Care Hair, 108pcs Lamp Beads Hair Growth Hat Oil Control Hair Loss Treatment Instrument


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Price: £111.68
(as of May 14,2022 12:50:24 UTC – Details)

Condition: 100% Brand New
Item Type: Hair Growth Instrument
Hat Color: Black
Input Voltage and Current: 5V, 2A
Lamp Bead Quantity: 108pcs
Use Cycle: 20-30 minutes per use, there will be better improvement after 3-6 months of use.

How to Use:
1. Wash the hair loss area before use.
2. Spray the hair growth solution on the affected area of hair loss, rub it repeatedly for 10-20 minutes, and then put the hair growth hat on the head to irradiate the affected area.
3. To prevent the hat from getting dirty, a transparent film (such as plastic wrap) can be placed between the scalp and the hat.
Package List:
1 x Hat1 x Lamp Bead Pad(108pcs Lamp Beads)

1. People with the following conditions are prohibited from using this product: Tuberculosis, local tumor, cardiac insufficiency, hemorrhagic disease, cardiac pacemaker carrier, porphyria, pregnant lower abdomen, allergic to red light.2. When used by multiple people, care should be taken to prevent crossed infection.3. There are circuit wires in the lamp bead pad. Do not fold as much as possible during placement.
Safety: With its efficacy and strength, the cap can regulate the secretion of oil, enhance and improve the blood circulation of the hair follicle, and it can be used safely and effectively to treat hair loss. The product has been continuously tested and complies with performance and safety regulations.
Note: The machine emits a lot of heat during use, and can reach a temperature of 30-45 degrees (adjusted according to its own adaptability. Using the heat, it can be applied to the skin and required body parts to promote blood circulation. Light, achieve physical effect. The product is a certain distance from the skin (generally no more than 30CM).
High performance: The hair loss growth system is an FDA-approved hair loss treatment device. The instrument has high energy density and can stimulate hair follicles in the deep scalp that lack LEDs. Used to treat hair loss, make the hairline recede, bald and thin hair, to stimulate hair regrowth in men and women
Scope of application: Whether you are a man or a woman, you can use hair repair technology to quickly grow thicker, fuller and healthier hair. You can use it alone or in combination with other hair loss products. For example, hair growth shampoo, ginger and other hair growth products.


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