Indigo Herbs Organic Pumpkin Seed Protein Powder 500g | Vegan | Gluten & GMO Free


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Organic Pumpkin Seeds are a great snack on their own but also can be used in baking, sprinkling on your muesli or frying for various dishes. Organic pumpkin seeds are full of protein and various minerals making them perfect for a healthy lifestyle.

Suggested Use:
Use as required. Eat by the handful or use as an ingredient in cooking.

Quality & Manufacture
These Organic Pumpkin Seeds are grown under strict organic conditions. There are absolutely no artificial pesticides, herbicides or fertilisers used in the cultivation of these seeds. Once the pumpkins begin to mature and ripen they are harvested and split open. The seed are then set to dry in optimum conditions insuring the best tasting seeds possible. All seeds are tested for pollutants and heavy metals before being packed up and made ready for shipping.

HIGH IN VITAMINS & MINERALS: Rich in B vitamins and high in vitamin K, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and potassium. This low carbohydrate supplement is ideal for body builders, athletes or for muscle recovery after exercise
HOW TO USE: Mix this milled powder with water or your favourite plant-based milk as a protein boost before or after exercise. Alternatively, add it to your morning smoothie, blend with flax or chia seeds to add extra healthy fats and omega-3 to your diet.
QUALITY: Our Pumpkin Seed Protein Powder is made from top quality, cold-pressed pumpkin seeds. It is naturally gluten free, contains no additives, and has no artificial sweeteners or added sugar. Packed in a resealable pouch for maximum freshness.
INDIGO HERBS: We are a small family owned British company that has been selling a large range of outstanding herbal and nutritional products for since 2004. All our products come in food grade packaging and without additives.


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