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KRUPS began its journey towards good coffee back in 1846 as a brand dedicated to precision and technical enhancement. KRUPS has continued to build on its widespread reputation for quality, far sighted design and technical refinement. With KRUPS, you can have a stress free, quick and easy coffee solution. Enjoy the pleasures of drinking and making a variety of coffees in minutes from the comfort of your own home with KRUPS.

KRUPS Bean To Cup – EA8298

Super automatic & compact coffee machine

Create flavourful coffee drinks with your compact super automatic coffee and espresso maker with removable milk frother.

Convenient system prepares the perfect milk froth for a cappuccino. Compact machine delivers professional barista results. Thermoblock System quickly heats water to the optimal temperature. Select from three fineness settings according to personal taste.

Select your favourite coffee recipe

With a LCD screen and an ergonomic knob, your coffee selection is made effortless.

Create gourmet coffees like in a coffee shop.

Your super auto coffee machine automatically froths your milk into your cup. Professional and gourmet results guaranteed.

Removable milk frother with automatic cleaning

Your super automatic machine features an integrated milk frother, removable and dishwasher safe. It is also easy to clean with the automatic cappuccino cleaning setting.

KRUPS Coffee Expertise for consistently hot coffee

The patented thermoblock heating technology, 15-bar high-pressure pump, and hydraulic automated tamping system offer professional and perfect results to maximise your coffee experience.


Precision grinding

Add your favourite beans in the clear bean hopper and select your grinding preference. The built-in metal conical burr grinder ensures the perfect grind.

Compact size and modern design

The EA8298 combines performance and design while taking minimal space on your counter top.

Additional super automatic advantages

A large 1.8 litre removable water tank, a removable drip tray and a cake container for easy cleaning, very low maintenance.

Active Speed Grinder

The Active Speed grinder launched by KRUPS is 20% faster than the grinders used in previous models, it will guarantee you an express espresso!

The new KRUPS Active Speed grinder was designed to offer high resistance during use, and to ensure that it can complete up to 280,000 cycles without fault.

Hydraulic Cylinder

It is imperative to ensure perfectly even tamping, so as to achieve a flat, faultless surface on the grounds before percolation. With KRUPS technology, a hydraulic cylinder ensures the correct tamping of the coffee. The force exerted by the UltraFlat tamping system is therefore very high, at approximately 30 kg (or 294 Newtons). This ensures a balanced and flavoursome espresso.

Thermoblock Heating System

The Brewing Optimiser combines a compact thermoblock, purposely designed by KRUPS, and a 15-bar pump, simultaneously activating the hydraulic part of the machine and creating the espresso. The combination of those elements makes it possible to achieve the right coffee temperature already in the very first cup.

Automatic Drainage

Thanks to the AutoClean Pressure System. As such, the machine is automatically drained after each drink. This ensures the total absence of stagnant water in the machine, and therefore minimal scaling, ensuring the good health of your product.

This low pressure cleaning ensures the longevity of the thermoblock.

Milk Frother
Frothing Arm Frothing Arm Auto Milk Frother Auto Milk Frother – Self Cleaning None

Bar Pump Pressure
15 bars 15 bars 15 bars 15 bars 10 bars

Pre-programmed recipes
0 2 6 17 0

Control Panel
Manual rotary knob LCD Screen LCD Screen with rotary knob Full Colour Touch Screen None

One Touch Setting
Espresso Espresso Espresso / Lungo Espresso / Lungo None

Automatic Cleaning


Choose your favourite coffee with LCD screen with an automatic cappuccino and caffe latte function for a rich and creamy froth
Provides optimal temperature coffee for every cup with professional quality grinder with three adjustable setting
Get more from your espresso, explore the Krups recipe book found in the Technical Specification section of this page


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