LABO GROWTH Hair Growth Treatment FOLLICULAR ISLANDS 2100 MAN 20 Vials


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A formula that allows you to take care of each anatomical-functional structure that is part of the follicular island and to provide an adequate supply of energy for the needs of the island. For increased impetus to physiological hair growth. Crescina Follicular Islands is a topical treatment for cosmetic use in ampoules. It contains the heart of Ri-Growth Crescina (Cisteine, Lysine, Glycoprotein) patented, which helps the physiological growth of hair. A part of the patented active ingredients (Cisteine, Lysine, Glycoprotein and Stem Engine – formula HFSC) is inserted inside cyclodextrins that allow it to be gradually released. It contains the special Follicular Islands complex with Swiss patent filing to help both individual and specifically follicular islands bulbs and follicles to promote their development and growth. For thinning scalp. Indicated in cases of thinning dependent on physiological and non-pathological causes. It does not act on completely atrophied follicles. Specific formulas for men and women. Various dosages available according to the degree of thinning (1700 – 1900 – 2100) in sizes 20 and 40 ampoules.


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