LABO WHITE HAIR 60% Stop and Reverse Treatment MAN 3 molecules 20 ampoules


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Helps counteract the spread of white hair. Promotes the formation of capillary melanin to assist the natural repigmentation of the stem. The active components that constitute White Hair Treatment in ampoules are 3 molecules with transdermal technology with a tested index of skin penetration: they operate at various levels in the hair system (melanocytes, melanosomes, melanocyte stem cells, oxidative reactions) where on the one hand they oppose the causes that lead to canice and on the other stimulate melanocyte iti to produce the pig natural chin that distinguishes every type of hair. The repigmentation of the hair therefore occurs without the use of dye substances. Melanin that distinguishes the hair color of each individual is processed inside the hair system and not supplied from the outside, as in the case of artificial hair coloring. White Hair Treatment for Hair in ampoules is based on an effective mix of 3 active molecules, with very low molecular weights and very high penetration index. Specific formulas for men and women. Various dosages available (First White Hair – 30% White Hair – 60% White Hair) in sizes 20 ampoules and 60 ampoules.


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