NutriShield Essentials Vege Unique Vitamin Health Supplement. 30-Day Supply.



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NutriShield Essentials is specifically formulated to help protect and care for your heart, brain, eyes, skin, bones and joints, and to maintain a healthy immune system. Our customers can’t believe how much more energy they have, plus improved flexibility, feeling of general well-being and plenty of joie de vivre. NutriShield Essentials uniquely combines a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals with anti-oxidants to act against free radicals, powerful anti-inflammatories, and nutrients which directly support the immune system. NutriShield Essentials Vege is suitable for vegans and contains highly bio-available ingredients but NO artificial colours, NO artificial flavours, NO artificial preservatives, NO artificial sweeteners, NO gluten or lactose, NO GMO ingredients AND negligible energy, protein, carbohydrate, fat.
3-a-day combines (1) A-Z MULTIVITAMINS and MINERALS, plus (2) OMEGA 3 flaxseed oil, plus (3) CURCUMIN, GREEN TEA, OTHER POLYPHENOLS/FLAVONOIDS from fruits and vegetables
Formulated by Dr Paul Clayton, former President of Forum on Food and Health at the Royal Society of Medicine to give far more health support than a single A-Z vitamin pill
(1) A-Z vitamins/minerals include 500mg Vit C, 800IU/20mcg Vit D3, 55mg natural Vit E, 25mcg Vit K2, 150mcg Selenium
(2) Vegan Omega 3 capsule has 1000mg flaxseed oil with 50% alpha-linolenic acid (3) Flavonoids/Polyphenols include Curcumin, Green Tea, Grapeseed, Bilberry


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