Organic Shampoo with Aloe Vera, Argan and Vitamins. Sulfate Free Silicone Free Hair Loss Prevention (1000 ml)


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Our Fortifying shampoo gently cleanses the hair of impurities and residues of styling products. With regular use, your hair will become smooth, soft and healthier.

Hair Health

Clean and treat the hair in a healthy way without attacking them. (Without sulphates, silicones, parabens …)

Ideal for fighting hair loss. Hair in treatment, refinement, lack of shine, loss of density and volume (anti-aging shampoo)

All types of hair, even the weakest or the finest. Ideal for normal to oily hair

Effectively and gently cleanses hair with non-sensitizing plant-based cleansing agents.

Stimulates growth.

Reduces hair loss: Increases blood circulation, regulates and controls sebaceous secretion and alopecia.

Increases the density, thickness, volume and health of weak or aged hair.

Naturally nourishes fine and / or damaged hair.

This pure and gentle formula cleans the hair without using so much foam, which means that if you have already applied a treatment or a natural dye, it will not damage it.

Without sulfates, parabens, silicones, resins, DEA, TEA, MEA, phthalates, petroleum products and synthetic fragrances

84% Hair Loss Reduces Hair Loss

Anti-aging 92% Increase and improve volume and brightness

Oiléna Shampoo, sulfate and alcohol free, is made from ingredients with a maximum rating, that is, those that are “friendlier” in terms of irritation and environmental aggression.

Wash your hair regularly. It is advisable to gently massage for a few minutes.

Rinse thoroughly and repeat the process a second time.

Once finished, apply the Oïlena conditioner and rinse.

It is advisable to also use, as a mask, oils Oïléna.
GENTLY CLEANSES HAIR AND GIVES VOLUME – Vitalizing shampoo nourishes the hair with essential nutrients, restores elasticity, and gives them a soft glow and natural radiance. A mild complex of cleansing components do not damage or dry out the hair.
PROVIDES NATURAL SHINE AND MOISTURIZES HAIR – Hair shampoo actively moisturizes, softens the scalp, and makes hair soft, shiny and moisturized.
VITALIZES DAMAGED HAIR – Active components, contained in shampoo, make hair silky, restore structure and prevent stratification of hair ends.
RESTORES LIPID BALANCE – Aloe juice strengthens hair follicles, normalizes the secretion of sebaceous glands, and restores the lipid balance of the scalp.


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