Osma Bloc – Alum Block 75g (Soothes Shaving Irritation)



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Osma Bloc D’Alum Potassium Alum Stone (Rock Alum) 75 Gr Small Brick Shape By 5,8Cm X 3,7 Cm. Potassium Alum (Or Rock), Thanks To Its Antibacterial, Astringent And Haemostatic Properties, This Stone Is Perfect To Disinfect And Cauterize The Face Skin Immediately After The Shaving. Osma Bloc D’Alun 75 Gr- It’s Also Very Available As Deodorant For Totally Odorless Armpits. (Used It, For Example, Moistened Immediately After Having A Shower). 100% Potassium Alum. Tips Of Use: 1. After The Shaving, Wet The Face With Cold Water; 2. Wet Osma Bloc D’Alum; 3. Gently Press On All Points In Which It’s Made The Shaving Or Where There Are More Irritations; 4. Leave Act And Then Rinse The Face. Osma Laboratoires- Since 1957 Osma Laboratoires Is One Of The Main Actor For French Male Cosmetics. The Recent Male Interest’s Explosion For Cosmetics, Is Not Just A Trend, But A Return To The Past When The Man Loved To Take Care Of Himself, Loved To Go To The Barber, Loved The Shaving, The Fragrances And The Perfumes, Loved To Be A Real Gentleman. Today, We’Re Going Back To Being What We Were. The Teachings Transmitted From Father To Son Are That Connection That Have Allowed To Osma Laboratoires To Be Loved, Today By 2 Families Generations And Thanks To The Enhancement Of Their Knowledge In The Sector Of The Shaving And The Constant Improvement, Osma Laboratories Will Be More And More Loved And Known By People Who Decide To Put Their Trust In This Company. Osma Laboratories Is The Last Alum Stones Manufacturer Remained In France, But It’s Also The Only One To Create And Renew Male Shaving Products, Thanks To An Ancestral Knowledge Of The Raw Material Processing And The Research Of Natural Ingredients For The Composition Of Its Products. Old Style Shaving…For Today’s Man.
75g Block of Potassium Alum
Can be used to soothe irritation post shave or as an astringent to stop bleeding
Made in France


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