Panasonic ES-RT37 Wet and Dry Rechargeable Electric 3-Blade Shaver for Men (100-240 V)



Price: £34.99 - £32.49
(as of Apr 25,2022 08:32:08 UTC – Details)

The Panasonic ES-RT37 Wet and Dry Electric 3-Blade Shaver ensures an efficient shave. Versatile and powerful when used as a wet or dry shaver, this electric razor also features a pop-up trimmer. The three-blade cutting system on this foil shaver has two distinct foil patterns, which combine to cut even the most difficult facial hair. The blades shorten the hair and allow a cut close to the root for even coverage. The end result is a fast and efficient shaving experience with a smooth comfortable finish, even for sensitive skin.
Achieve a close shave with the inner, acute 30-degree, Nano-polished blades that harness Samurai precision for great results. The advanced, multi-fit arc blades mean the shaver’s foil heads are constantly in touch with your skin, even in areas like the chin, cheeks, or neck, where contours can mean missed areas. The multidirectional head further ensures a smooth, irritation-free shave. Ultra convenient, the retractable trimmer makes this men’s shaver extra versatile. It is Ideal for grooming your moustache, sideburns, or beard. Just pop up when ready to use and tuck away when you’re finished. No attachments to lose or break.
Designed to be 100 Percent waterproof, this men’s shaver is suitable for both wet and dry use and can also be used with shaving gel or foam for a silky, smooth shave. Easy to clean and care for, hygienic maintenance is simple. Just rinse under running water.
This men’s shaving kit is an ideal gift for him, including boyfriends, husbands, dads, and any man needing a new razor. The cordless setup and quick-charging battery ensure a reliable shave as often as you need.
Unique Foil Shaver Design: The three blades have two distinct foil patterns that work together to capture and cut all lengths of beard and facial hair. Can be used on thick or dense beards
Japanese Blade Tech: Sharp, stainless steel blades are made with precision, strength, and durability for reliable results
Includes Beard Trimmer: A retractable trimmer with acute, 45° blades easily slides up for detailed grooming of moustache and sideburn edges. Trim precisely and quickly to get the shape and style you want
Versatile: Shave wet or dry, or use in the shower. The waterproof design of this shaver and trimmer make it convenient to use with shaving foam or quick to use alone
Easy to Clean: The waterproof design is easy to maintain, just run under water for cleaning and to remove any shaving foam or gel for hygienic maintenance


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