Perfect-Coll PURE ALOE VERA GEL Fresh Aloe Leaf Extract Organic All Skin Types Care Soothes Smoothes & Moisturizes 200ml


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An innovative product made of 100% pure aloe gel, produced from selected fresh Aloe Vera Barbadensis leaves. The use of cold extraction makes the product fully preserves aloe’s beneficial properties for beauty and health. PC Pure Aloe Gel is a versatile cosmetic. It perfectly improves the condition and revitalizes the skin. Aloe has strong soothing and moisturizing properties. It perfectly cleanses the skin and helps to fight its imperfections. It protects it intensely, restoring its necessary balance. This is a perfect product for the care of all skin types, both dry, dehydrated, reddened and damaged, as well as requiring exceptional treatment (atopic, with skin problems, rosacea).PERFECT-COLL ALOE VERA LINE
Aloe’s cosmetic and pro-health properties were already known in ancient times. Aloe was used by people in Africa, Asia and southern Europe in food and folk medicine, as well as skin care. A beneficial effect on the condition and appearance of the skin, as well as cleansing and detoxifying actions are only some of the precious properties of this unique plant. Rich in nutrients and active substances, aloe is the main ingredient of the new Perfect Coll product line – Aloe Vera.
The ingredients of Aloe Vera Line products’ come from an 300-year-old organic plantation located in Apulia, the cleanest region of Italy. Each leaf is harvested by hand. Large-scale aloe producing companies grind all leaves together with the peel, but at Perfect-Coll we only use the pulp from healthy leaves. In this way we obtain a wholesome raw material – a gel with preserved health and beauty properties.
Helps elliminate various skin problems, such as: acne, imperfections, small blemishes, irritation, roughness, dryness (or even dehydration!) and unpleasant tension
Restores the skin’s natural balance, revitalizes and strengthens its structure, leading to complete and natural skin renewal
Effectively soothes sensitive and irritated skin, brings relief and feeling of freshness
Leaves the skin velvety to the touch and cleansed, all in natural way!


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