Plantur 39 150ml Fine & Brittle hair conditioner



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After the age of 40, the hair’s pigment cells can lose their colour performance and the hair turns grey or even white. Woman who use colourants as a result inflict stress on hair and scalp. The Plantur 39 Conditioner for coloured and stressed hair over forty helps to regenerate the hair surface and increases hair brilliance. Active avocado components make the hair smooth and easy to style. At the same time, this conditioner protects your scalp. Use in conjunction with Plantur 39 Shampoo For Coloured and Stressed Hair for best results. Application: After washing, apply Plantur 39 conditioner into your hair. Leave in for 30 seconds and rinse well.
FOR MORE BRILLIANCE Plantur 39 Conditioner includes avocadin which enhances the hair’s shine and protects the scalp.
YOUR DAILY HAIR ROUTINE Use Plantur 39 Shampoo and Conditioner every day to supply your hair with energy. Leave the shampoo on the scalp for two minutes. After washing apply Plantur 39 conditioner.
PREVENTS MENOPAUSAL HAIR LOSS With its unique galenic formula and its Phyto-Caffeine Complex (caffeine plus active botanical substances) Plantur 39 Hair Care products support the natural hair growth.
MOST SUCCESSFUL FEMALE SHAMPOO Plantur 39 is the best-selling haircare shampoo against hair loss in women in German Drugstores*. Also try our Plantur Tonic. (*Nielsen)


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