Regentiv’s The Specialist Serum Anti-ageing serum with RETINOL PALMITATE, NATURAL CONCENTRATED ALOE VERA, PURE VITAMIN E (200ml)


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The Specialist Serum has a unique combination of ingredients to give you the ultimate results without irritation, caring for your skin in the best possible way by nurturing it daily. Developed in consultation with leading Harley Street Skin Specialists, combining an advanced formula of: Retinyl palmitate 0.3% clinically proven to reduce facial lines and wrinkles Pure Vitamin E with antioxidant properties to prevent the signs of ageing Natural Concentrated Aloe Vera a potent skin healer and moisturiser SPF 6-8: to provide daily protection against the sun’s UV rays Targets lines, wrinkles, crepey skin, sun and skin damage to improve your overall skin tone and appearance. Suitable for all skin types and all ages, including a sensitive skin. The Specialist Serum is a favourite worldwide. Can be used over your entire facial area, including the neck. The Specialist Serum contains the recommended level of Retinyl palmitate 0.3% for daily use and gives visible results without irritation. Regentiv preparations are paragon free, cruelty free and vegan friendly. Presented in a pump that is both hygienic and protects the efficacy of the ingredients.
USED AND RECOMMENDED BY LEADING HARLEY STREET SKIN SPECIALISTS AND SURGEONS for its beneficial effects in helping to improve signs of ageing, post op care, scar tissue, bruising and problematic skin.
Contains PURE VITAMIN E, one of natures ESSENTIAL ANTI-AGEING VITAMINS. Helps to oxygenate skin cells and neutralise free radicals, BOOSTING COLLAGEN FOR PLUMPER and MORE YOUTHFUL SKIN.
Easily absorbed lightweight serum in pump action dispenser to ensure hygienic application. NO PARABENS. NO PERFUME. Regentiv avoids known irritants and DOES NOT USE RAW MATERIALS OR INGREDIENTS DERIVED FROM OR TESTED UPON ANIMALS.
In a lightweight “Professional size” pump dispenser. Largest size available saves over £50.


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