Roziapro Electric Shaver Men 5 in 1 Electric Razors for Men Rechargeable Bald Head Shavers for Men IPX6 Waterproof Head Shaver Multifunctional Mens Grooming Kits Wet & Dry Shaving…



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Something you may want to know about electric shavers:
Q: Why there is not charging transformers/adapters on the package list?
A: This electric shaver use a USB interface charging cable so it can be used with all USB adapter to charge it, such as phones’.
Also everyone has many USB charging adapters or USB ports in their homes nowadays. So in order not to waste resources,
we do not include a charging transformer/adapter.
Q: Can the razor clean the beard? Will it pull the hair?
A: Our shaver adopts 5D floating shaving head design, which can perfectly fit your skin and shave very cleanly. In addition,
the blade adopts an intelligent anti-pinch system, which will not pull the hair during use.
Q: Can this electric shaver be used in the shower?
A: No. Even our electric shaver is IPX6, we do not advise you to use it during showering. It will reduce the life of the shaver.
Q: Is this shaver only suitable for bald heads?
A: No, our electric shaver beauty kit is suitable for all kinds of hairstyles. The multifunctional razor can trim hair, beard, ear and nose hair, and hair on temples.
Q: How to open the shaving head for cleaning?
A: First open the surrounding 4 heads, then rotate the middle head in the direction shown by the arrow and pull it out.
Q: Can it be used with a power cord?
A: The electric shaver can be wired or wireless. When the power of the shaver runs out and time is running out, you can use wired shaving.

Product List:
1 * Electric Shaver
1 * Sideburn Trimmer
1 * Nose Hair Trimmer
2 * Facial Cleaning Brush
1 * Cleaning Brush
1 * USB Charging Cable

Use Time: 90 minutes
Battery Charging Time: 2 hours
Charging Cable Type: USB charging

Reminder: Please do not use this electric razor during bathing.

[Better Blade System]: The electric razor uses a newly upgraded Titanium-blade system. The main head, 6D rotary shaver head with dual circular 360° blades can perfectly trim even the thickest beard. Better blades system will give you a better shaving experience never before, no more hair-pull stainless.
[Wet and Dry Shaving]: The whole body of the electric bald head shaver is IPX6 waterproof, which can perfectly perform wet or dry shaving. In the morning, you can dry shave directly; before going to bed, you can enjoy a fresher and more refreshing wet shave. Multi functions and dry/wet shaving will be your best shaving assistant.
[Exquisite Trimmer Design]: The body of the electric shaver uses an ergonomic design, and the curved arc perfectly fits the line of the hand. At the same time, the appropriate color matching makes the shaver more technological and fashionable. All exquisite details are designed for giving you a better shaving experience.
[USB Fast Recharging]: The new-generation lithium battery in electric grooming kit can provide at least 120 minutes using time, and only needs 1 hour fast charging. The USB charging cable adapts to all USB ports, making it more convenient to carry on business trips or travel. (No charging adapter)


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