Soursop Leaf Teabags

$36.00 $33.00


Soursop Leaf Teabags

$36.00 $33.00

Soursop Leaf Teabags

50 Soursop teabags that can be used twice for just $33

100% Pure Soursop leaf in each sealed tea bag

Serving suggestions:
250ml Cup: 1-3 teabags per day for 30 days
Rest for 10 days before restarting.
Note: Teabags can be used twice.


Soursop tea can hinder cancer cells and treat cancer more quickly as well as successfully than radiation treatment which causes a number of negative effects besides being pricey.

In fact, research has confirmed that soursop has an energetic component that is 10000 times stronger than chemotherapy in combating cancer cells.

Therefore, soursop tea can deal with various kinds of cancers cells consisting of prostate, lung and bust cancers.

Scientific research study carried out by The National Cancer Institute has confirmed that Soursop tea can successfully strike as well as annihilate cancer cells. Along with this, they are also used in the treatment of a number of other conditions.

For instructions on soursop teabags use please click HERE


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