Soursop Tea Leaves

$42.00 $39.00


Soursop Tea Leaves

$42.00 $39.00

Soursop Tea Leaves – Cancer Cell Killer

Get approx 200 tea leaves per pack – 1 full month supply of this amazing product.

Soursop Tea Leaves have been known to

  • Helps Cure cancerous growths
  • Boost your immune system
  • Assist with weight loss
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Has Anti-inflammatory properties
  • and more

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Soursop Tea Leaves to make your own tea

Soursop is an evergreen broad-leaved tree whose every component is useful and also has medical properties.

Soursop tea leaves are the most useful components of this tree.

Scientific research performed by The National Cancer Institute has actually shown that Soursop leaves can efficiently attack as well as damage cancer cells.

Along with this, they are likewise utilized in the treatment of a number of other diseases.

100% freshly dried leaves with no chemical enhancement or pesticides.

Available only in vacuum sealed packages for freshness.

For comprehensive instructions on use please click HERE


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