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What is the white tiger balm? A blend of essential oils of herbs and a secret ingredient that came from an old recipe used by Chinese emperors. The product, as we know it today was developed to end of 1.870 currently in Rangoon, Burma Myanmar by the herbal of the Court of Emperor AW Chu Kin.The product is sold in more than 100 countries and millions of people use it.
Ingredients Camphor 25% is aromatic, has action rubefaciente, antipruriginosa, in general, is used in first aid antiseptic and pain, Eucalyptol 13.7% due to its cicatrizantes and remedial properties, as well as the skin insect bites, stings, herpes, acne, aid in rashes and chickenpox, essential oil of clove 1.43% Menthol 8% oil with stimulants, Antivirales and antiseptic properties: it has a refreshing and slightly anestésica.
Uses of massage muscle Tiger Balm White: headaches migraines respiratory congestion sore joints and insect repellent
What is expected of the implementation of the Tiger Balm – Tiger Balm after the can expect a feeling of hot or cold depending on the balm that we have applied, in just a few minutes, you will notice a great sense of relief in the area where we had the problema. this is because the Tiger Balm can easily penetrate in the skin and start a act at the time of primer.
Side Effects of frequent Tiger Balm but not very rare, or rare but few people that feel side effects have been after the application of Tiger Balm: Do not apply on open wounds or tender Tiger Balm should not be used by children under 6 years do not use mucous membranes, the eyes and the irritated skin disrupting the application if allergic reaction occurs – Keep out of reach of children


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