Vedix Ayurvedic Hair Care Set |Customized for Normal-Oily Hair-Dry Scalp & Curly Hair| Ayurvedic Hair Oil (100 ml) + hair Shampoo (200 ml)+ Serum (50 ml) – 3 Product set


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Your 3 Step Ayurvedic Hair Care Regimen For Healthy, Shiny Hair
Your Vedix customized regimen includes 3 products, ayurvedic hair oil, ayurvedic shampoo for hair fall, and hair serum.
Nourishes scalp with nutrient-rich formula: 
The Vedix Vanya Root Stimulating Hair Oil is a blend of Fenugreek, Sesamum, and sage that work together to form a potent, nutrient-rich formula that helps improve hair and scalp health. It helps increase moisture retention on scalp and protects hair against harmful pollutants. The oil also helps decrease dryness and softens hair texture to control friction-induced damages to hair follicles.
Cleanses dirt, pollution and excess oils from scalp:
The next step in your hair care regimen is to cleanse your scalp and hair. The Vedix Dhavath Strength & Nourish Shampoo is a gentle, paraben & sulphate free cleanser that helps remove dirt, pollutants, and excess oils from scalp while adding shine to hair strands. It helps balance the natural pH of scalp while the ayurvedic ingredients nourish hair from roots to tips, decreasing hair damage, split ends, and frizz.
Improves hair quality from a micro-level:
Vedix Vithan Scalp Nourishing Serum made with Grapeseed, Aloe Vera, and Bakuchi is the final step of your hair care regimen to improve hair strength. This water-based ayurvedic formulation easily penetrates into scalp bed and helps provide nourishment from the root, thereby strengthening hair roots. It also helps decrease scalp dryness while improving hair texture and volume.
AYURVEDIC NON-STICKY HAIR OIL: Helps hydrate scalp and hair to decreases breakage, increases hair strength while improving overall scalp health.
AYURVEDIC SHAMPOO: Helps gently cleanses away dirt, grime, excess oils and pollutants while balancing the natural pH on scalp. Helps strengthen hair strands and keeps hair moisturized, which helps to decrease breakage.
NOURISHES SCALP & HAIR: Water-soluble formula penetrates easily into scalp and helps provide nourishment from roots to tips, helps improve hair texture, and balances pH on scalp.
BACKED BY AYURVEDIC HAIR EXPERTS: Formulated by Ayurvedic Doctors and Physicians with safe and effective ayurvedic ingredients, Silicone, Paraben and Sulphate Free. Customized products that are 100% safe and effective for your hair.


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