Water Flossing Oral Irrigator, 600ML Dental Water Teeth Cleaner 10 Adjustable Pressure, Electric Dental Pick Flosser for Teeth/Braces, 8 Water Jet Tips for Family (Black)


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Water flosser, tooth rinse for teeth/braces, 10 pressure levels, water spots, tooth cleaner, 8 water jet tips for families, 600 ml electric water flosser, use of mouthwash, water fin: Fill water into the storage container and close the lid to avoid overflow of the water. Insert the required nozzle tips into the handle. Turn the water pressure switch to select the most suitable strength. Align the tip at teeth, gums or tongue. Turn on the handle to clean your mouth. Put the handle back into the slot and clean the tips in the top case. Please note: 1. Do not let the water aim at neck or eyes. 2. Could be filled with warm water or add mouthwash. 3. Change the new nozzles every 3 months to be healthier. 4. Soft mode is recommended for first-time users or sensitive teeth. After you have adapted it, you can use the other mode you want. 5. When you share this device with your family, make sure you use separate attachments for proper hygiene. The pressure in different jet tips is different: 1. There is no pressure on the toothbrush tip, whose function is to clean the residue on the teeth. 2. The tongue cleaning tip is also under no pressure as the function is to clean your tongue. If the pressure is too high, your tongue will be hurt. 3. Other nozzle tips all have different high pressure. You can choose the comfortable pressure. If no water leaks: 1) Please check if the rubber stopper in the tank is pointing in the correct direction. 2) Please add more water to the tank to ensure the pressure is sufficient.
10 adjustable water pressure settings: Highly efficient water pulse: 1250 1700 times/min (range of 30 125 PSI to avoid splashing when flossing) to find the most comfortable pressure setting for every family member. Pressure 1 4 for children and people with sensitive teeth and anf nger. Medium pressure 5 6 settings are best for most people. High pressure 7 10 settings for adults and experienced users.
8 Dental water jet D SEN for family use: Teeth cleaner with 3 similar high pressure tips and 5 special nozzle tips (1 orthop dental tip, 1 tongue cleaner tip, 1 periodontal tip, 1 tooth plaque tip, 1 toothbrush). Various jet nozzles can thoroughly and hygienically clean plaque or food residues between teeth and gums, which are difficult to clean with toothbrush or dental floss.
600 ml water tank and leak-proof design: The water toothbrush with 1 metre flexible imported hose has 600 ml capacity for 90 seconds of continuous water flow. Simply control the water flow with the on/off switch on the handle. The leak-proof design ensures that no liquid leaks during use. The 360° rotating jet nozzle reaches all areas of the mouth and removes 99% of plaques. Voltage range: 100 V, 240 V.
Application technology and service: If the water flow and gums are at a 90 degree angle, close your lips slightly to avoid splashing out the water, then let the water flow from the mouth corner into the sink. Our oral irrigator with FDA, CE, FCC, RoHS etc. certification.


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