White Figs Extra Jam, from Cilento, 12 Jars, 350 Grams / 12.34 Ounces Each (Tot. 4.2 Kg)


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White figs extra jam, made only with white figs from Cilento. This is a stunning and sunny area on the Mediterrean, near Naples. This offer contains 12 jars, each 350 grams/12.34 ounces (350g x 12 = 4.2 kilograms of jam). Agrimontana extra jams, without pectin, have a high fruit content: they contain from 70 to 95 grams of fruit per 100 grams of product (well over the minimum 45 grams required by law for the “Extra Jam”denomination). Made according to the traditional recipe, these jams contain only top-quality Italian fruit picked at the right point of ripeness. The preparation phases involve cooking the fruit, adding cane sugar and concentrating it in a vacuum at a low temperature. This is followed by the hot filling of the container and its rapid cooling. Origin: Italy. Agrimontana is a company that uses its artisan skills supported by technology to offer high-end products, obtained through clean processing, without colouring or preservatives. Agrimontana’s history began in 1972 with candying, a traditional method of preservation using sugar, followed by tasty jams and other fine food products that include both traditional and innovative creations, always under the banner of naturalness and high quality.
The offer contains 12 jars, each 350 g / 12.34 oz (12 x 350g = 4.2 kilograms of jam) 📦
The term EXTRA means that, by law, it must contain at least 45% total fruit pulp
Produced by Agrimontana, an Italian company founded in 1972
Agrimontana combines tradition, expertise, passion and naturalness 🍃


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